Just some of the feedback we have received...

      January 2021

    1. I was very pleased with the car stickers and they are just what I wanted. I was also impressed with the cut that allowed the sticker to be easily removed from the backing paper. - Ian, Car Window StickersĀ 
    2. Thank you for getting in touch - from my side I was impressed with how easy it was to order and overall communication was great. Delivery was quick especially for the time of year. šŸ˜Š I have spoken to Andrew who received the stickers on site - he said they are great quality and exactly what we needed.- Rebecca, Heat Resistant Aluminium Stickers

    3. December 2020

    4. Just to let you know we have gone over the sticker order in detail and have discussed with the rest of the team and we are completely over the moon! I have spoken with Bill and instructed him that quality surpassed expectations. - Robin, Aluminium StickersĀ 
    5. Yes thanks, they're perfect cheers.- Matthew, Hi-tack Vinyl Stickers

    6. November 2020

    7. Our CE plates were delivered today - just wanted to say thank you very much, we are really pleased with them. - Anthony, CE Metal PlatesĀ 
    8. Yeah man was perfect! Looks amazing so thanks to everyone for going the extra mile and sorting out our logo for us as well!- Sam, Cut Vinyl Stickers

    9. October 2020

    10. The stickers were perfect thank you! I will be in touch again shortly for some more. - Emma, Clear Vinyl StickersĀ 
    11. Yes, very happy thank you. We will be looking at ordering some asset stickers soon. Iā€™ll be in touch.- Shanna, Outdoor Vinyl Stickers

    12. September 2020

    13. Yes I received excellent feedback on the quality of these. We will definitely contact you again if we have any further needs in future. - Andrew, Gloss Vinyl StickersĀ 
    14. I am very pleased to say everything about the purchase of my boat stickers from enquiry to delivery was first class. Great communication and the product was excellent.- Paul, Kayak Vinyl Stickers

    15. August 2020

    16. Thanks for the follow up. The stickers are excellent. Really really happy. Great quality and feels like theyā€™ll be there for a long time! Will be in touch when we need some more. - Rhys, Gloss Vinyl StickersĀ 
    17. I've actually been meaning to email you to say thank you for the stickers - we're extremely pleased with them. The colours and clarity etc were great and the quality of the finish was fantastic - thank you. Just what we were looking for. We'll definitely be in touch next time we need something.- Tori, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    18. July 2020

    19. Yes, they were perfect thank you for all your help! :) - Shaye, Wrap Around Scaffold StickersĀ 
    20. Thanks for the follow up. Yes, they are all fine and thanks for being helpful. - Mehmet, PVC Plaques

    21. June 2020

    22. Many thanks for the labels which I received today, they are great, we are well pleased with them. - Alison, Gloss Vinyl StickersĀ 
    23. We are really impressed with them and the great service you provided! - Georgia, Clear Vinyl Stickers

    24. May 2020

    25. Sorry for the late reply. Our customer was very happy with the stickers. - Jamie, Clear Vinyl StickersĀ 
    26. Yes, we are happy with how they both worked out. Thanks very much. - Ronan, Hard Hat Vinyl Stickers

    27. April 2020

    28. Thatā€™s so kind of you to message. Yes we were very happy with them thank you. I hope that you are all keeping well and that work is soon back to normal. - Lyanne, Logo Vinyl StickersĀ 
    29. Yes we are very happy with your stickers. I fitted them yesterday. - Keith, Gloss Vinyl Stickers

    30. March 2020

    31. I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service.The stickers look great. - Danny, Hi-tack Rubber Vinyl StickersĀ 
    32. I thought they looked great!... We were very happy with the professionalism and timely delivery of the stickers. - George, Gloss Vinyl Stickers

    33. February 2020

    34. The stickers are absolutely great, exactly what I hoped for. Thanks for your excellent service. - Stephanie, Gloss Vinyl StickersĀ 
    35. They look absolutely fantastic on our A-Boards! Great quality and great price, really canā€™t complain. Weā€™ll be sure to use you guys again if we need anything else producing. - Alex, Cut Vinyl Stickers